Urban Rights Blog: Rebirth and COVID-19 update

As 2020 comes to a close, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to plague our countries, communities, and families. In the United States, in particular, poor management of the pandemic has taken an aggressive economic toll on already struggling families, small business owners, and a dormant workforce whose jobs have become obsolete. I have taken an increasing interest in the short, medium, and long term solutions, policies, and programs that would help everyday people recover from this pandemic and become more resilient to future economic shocks. For the foreseeable future, Urban Rights Blog will resurface to reflect these eminently significant interests. Through URB, I will make the case for investments in equitable workforce development solutions at the local, state, and national levels aimed at strengthening people’s economic resilience, opportunities for career development and advancement, and bridging the education-to-employment gap for high school and college students. Lastly, workforce development solutions happen in partnership between nonprofit, government, and private actors, so this blog will feature case studies and best practices of particularly strong partnerships in the workforce development field. I’m excited for the rebirth of URB. As always, I hope these words will be useful to you as you go about making the world a better, safer, and more equitable place for everyone. Happy reading.

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