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Urban Rights Blog chronicles the struggle over people’s right to public space and essential human rights and civil liberties. URB features a compilation of original pieces, including op-eds, critical academic writing, and investigative journalism, as well as real-world projects and tools that have been created in partnership with different organizations. Everything featured in URB focuses on preserving the sanctity of public space and infrastructure and re-imagining their role in urban life today and well into the future.

URB chronicles the struggle over people’s right to public space and essential human rights and civil liberties.

About the Author

Jordan Cosby, Author & Creator of URB

Jordan Cosby is the author and creator of Urban Rights Blog. She is an experienced urban planner, researcher, and project manager. She has done international urban planning and human rights projects with various organizations, including, World Resources Institute, UNICEF, and New York University. She works on the the nexus between urban planning and other cross-cutting issues, including immigration, integration, water management, climate change, civic engagement, children’s well-being, and youth empowerment. 

Jordan’s approach to urbanity is inclusive, sustainable, dynamic, and comprehensive. She aims to balance high level thinking and policy analysis with real-life experiences and street-level politics. Through her work, Jordan hopes to help close the gap between ideology and pragmatism, moving towards an urban future better for everyone.

Jordan earned her master’s degree in Urban Planning, specializing in Sustainability Planning and International Development from New York University and obtained her B.A. in Public Administration and Policy from California State University, Monterey Bay.

To see Jordan’s professional portfolio, please click here: professional portfolio.

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