About Urban Rights Blog

meUrban Rights Blog was created by Jordan Cosby, an urban planning graduate student and researcher at the Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service, New York University. She is currently working on a project that explores the emergence of juridical detention as an element of immigration policy and control in both the US and Europe. Through the project, she hopes to document empirical patterns and demographic information of detention centers to better understand their role in immigration policy and their impact on the undocumented.

The blog chronicles her interest in the struggle over the people’s right to public space and essential civil liberties. The crux of these works, which are a combination of academic and op-ed pieces, are to preserve and re-imagine the role of public space and policy in urban life. She dedicates her work to the ways in which public space and policy functions for immigrants, and how it has further alienated migrant populations instead of embracing migration as a natural phenomenon – and migrants as people. Every word is written out of her firm belief that people should not have to live in fear of the elimination or denial of essential civil liberties, and by reaffirming commitments to preserving people’s rights ensures better livelihoods for all. 

Jordan’s approach to urbanity is inclusive, sustainable, dynamic, and comprehensive. She aims to balance high level thinking and policy analysis with real-life experiences and street-level politics.

Through her work, Jordan hopes to help close the gap between ideology and pragmatism, moving towards an urban future better for everyone.

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